Ahhhhhh!!!! Here we go again

Now I know the wait is suppose to be 10-14 days but it came dammit it came.  Yes, my period. It was a horribly awful terribly bad day and because of that I was going through my monthly depressive stage. My husband tells me to keep busy and not think about it but I’m a woman. I think about everything including how many pairs of underwear he has left so how can I not think about whether or not we have conceived.

This was a busy week mainly because our eldest daughter’s birthday was July 27 and all she talks about is me having a baby. I mean she blew out the candles on her cake wishing for a set of twins (see what I mean) . So when my cycle started on Friday I was irritated because first it started 2 weeks earlier than normal and it has been a really weird cycle. Everything coming out of me is dark in color and not light . my doctor states that this may also be some trapped blood left over from the surgery as well and not to worry. That is had to do when these cramps make me want to tear someones face.

Please excuse the violent analogies ( it’s just how I feel), but my doc did tell me that he was upping my does of clomid and the next step after this cycle is combo therapy.
Combo therapy is quite a bit more expensive than the clomid alone but i’m feeling overwhelmed by the consistent negatives. As I told you before I have been working on my health and diet  so I’ve been doing yoga twice a week to promote relaxation and decrease stress. Then I started working out with my four nieces, two daughters, and nephew. It started out as a form of punishment because taking things away doesn’t work any more and they are all lazy as hell. I mean they never want to leave the couch or their smart phones and the stay in trouble. So, this helps up all. I get some good cardio and they get to move their lazy bones.

Today is my first pill and again days 3-7 so we’ll see what happens lets hope for the best.





Mid cycle sono

So I finished this round of clomid and went to the Doctor yesterday for my mid cycle sono. I was completely excited going in I mean damn I hadn’t even slept a wink since Monday.  I guess it was a combo of nerves and excitement. Now with 200 mg of clomid a day how in the he** do I only have one 25 cm follicle and one 13 cm follicle on the right side and babies not worth mentioning on my left. I was literally astonished. How did this happen? Is this really all I get or did I just work myself up thinking that 200mg is a higher dosage so I should have more?  Not to mention the only plus was my husband loved the additional friskiness, other than that I sweat like I lived in the sun for 12 hours every day, my vision was a hot mess, and the insomnia well lets just say the bags were too real. Now the kicker was that she said to trigger tonight,  umm what I naturally ovulate in 4 days why not wait. But I was tols to do it so I had my husband give me the shot. Well, after about an hour of hesitating, I really don’t like shots.

So we followed the instructions for intercourse last night and today and ahhh!!!!! Now it begins; the two – three week wait till either my cycle starts or we have a positive test. I really dress this time. It feels like your life is on hold and I’m to annoyed with my sister’s right now to even bother asking them to keep me preoccupied. My husband will totally forget what’s going on and doesn’t bring up the baby conversation. I believe it’s  because it’s stressful for him too. So we are waiting and I’m taking up yoga to help control my madness.

Till next time,

Waiting on #3

Hello All

Hello all, welcome to my blog. I started this blog to document my ttc journey. My husband and I have been trying to ttc for the last 2 years without success and I’m hoping that with a new doctor, prayer, and a renewed faith we will be able to find success at the end of our journey.  I am 32 years old and we already have 2 daughters , believe it or not they came a little easier than our hopeful 3rd. But, my eldest who is 9 has decided that she deserves to be a big sister again. So join me with updates on our process, stressors, hopeful say to day journey.



Cycle Day 5

Today marks day 1 for this months ttc journey. I started today with taking my 200 mg dose of clomid which equal (4) 50 mg pills. I picked them up from my local Walgreens  and they cost about $35.00 ( not too expensive right ). Now because these pills have a awkward  after taste I like to take the pills with water but followup with either V8 juice or a now and later to wash away the taste and as a reward. Then I try to take the meds every night for the next five nights at the same time  usually 6 pm for me. Now I do experience some strange side effects which consist of an increased libido, headaches, sweats, and insomnia. I also ordered my Orvidel trigger shot today from my doctor recommended online pharmacy which cost about $120.82 ( I wonder how much medicine is in the $121.00 shot ?) . Taking these pills so late in my cycle is suppose to help produce more follicles but, we will see. Now on day 12 I will go to my doctor for a SONO to find out 1) how many follicles I have  2) how mature/ ready they are 3) when to take my shot 4) when to make use of my hubby (lol i’m kidding) but, this is suppose to be the fun part . I’m excited, scared and ready to reap the rewards. I’ll be sure to include any tips and tricks and if you have any to add be sure to comment below. Thank you for going on this journey with me and know you are not alone .

Let’s TTC together